And another one bites the dust!

Reports out of New York indicate that the New Jersey Devils will take at least two less penalties a game next season.

That’s right, ladies ‘n gents, Bobby Holik is no longer with Black ‘n Red.

After 18 seasons, 11 with the Devils, the 38-year-old bruiser has decided to hang ’em up.

His reason? He wants to be a family man.

Best of luck, Bobby. Just don’t take any cross-checking penalties with your kids. I heard those could be pretty lethal with children.

In all seriousness, thanks for a great career in New Jersey. I’ll let the whole “EFF YOU GUYZ I’M GOING TO THE RANGERS LOL!!!” thing slide. Just this once. Don’t Brett Farve this shizz and come out of retirement, like, seven times and go play with, I dunno, the Flyers or something.

Actually, you kind of really sucked this year. That might not be such a bad thing…


  1. I hate to say it, but thank fucking god.

  2. mrsheeps says:

    One of the few Devils I could go from loving to hating in a matter of seconds. You were brilliant at times, completely useless at others, and downright detrimental a bit too often recently. I will remember you fondly, in particular because of an inside joke between friends that rumored you ate babies. Tip: don’t. Especially if you want to be a family man.

  3. Good..go.

  4. Bobby Holik, he of the many a stupid penalty, will forever be engrained in my head this past season for his comments before the first game against the Carolina Hurricanes in the regular season, when the big storyline was Brent Sutter Vs. Brandon Sutter (oh to have such simple issues again…)

    When asked what he would do if he found himself along the corner boards fighting for the puck with Brandon, he responded:

    “I kill him.”

    Then, as Brent passed, added:

    “Oh, you mean BRANDON Sutter? Then I give him the puck and skate away.”

    THAT’S what I’m gonna miss about Bobby Holik. The penalties, not so much.

    Enjoy Wyoming, Bobby.

  5. We owe him for some of Clarkson’s development. Clarkie really started to click soon after Holik came back from the injury. Holik looked done for a lot of the season, and he did lots of stupid things on the ice, but he was a good leader. I’m glad he’s gone, but we owe him that. Have a great life, Bobby.

  6. NJ Devil fan in NC says:

    Noticed on a blog that a rumor is gionta and oduya’s rights for Phaneuf…yeah right!

  7. Brian Finkel says:

    If it’s Eklund, who knows, but i’ve come to see that Spector’s and TSN are some of the more knowledgeable out there.

    With both Gio and Oduya being ufa’s, unless these guys would be absolutely willing to sign with the Flames, there’s no way this would go through.

    We trade the rights and get an excellent in his prime d-man for 2 guys that could test the market or do what they want in the offseason… gm in their right mind would agree to that unless we sign them and trade them or they come to a deal with the flames.

  8. Dago Red says:

    While I was bitterly disappointed in Holik’s play this year, I’m sad to see so many people kicking him in the ass as he walks out the door. In his prime, Holik was the quintessential Devil. He never complained about centering a 4th line even though he was a 2nd line center. As much as I loved McKay and Peluso, Holik would have racked up more points w/other linemates yet he accepted the role he was given and made the absolute best of it. He was willing to sacrifice and do whatever it took to help the team, and whenever the team lost he was honest and genuinely chagrined (unlike his goalie, who treats losses like spilled milk). Sure, hopping across the Hudson was a grave insult to Devs fans, but before that he was the Devil hated most bitterly by the Rangers (and that includes Claude Lemieux). I remember reading years ago that when the Devs played the Rangers, the Rangers would scrawl the Devs’ lineup on a whiteboard in their locker room and Holik was the only one who had a special profane “name” in lieu of his Christian name. Last summer, when he returned to the team, he essentially admitted leaving the Devs years before was a mistake when he said something like, “all the other teams I played on are the same, the veterans stay w/other vets and the young guys stick together but apart from the vets. On the Devs, it’s different, everyone is equal and they do things together, and that’s always worked best for me.”

    Good luck Bobby, thanks for all the big hits, some big goals, for your modest behavior among so many spoiled athletes, for consistently getting under the skin of the team I hate most, and for being the team’s conscience when things were difficult.

  9. Thank God!!!!!
    2.5 million baby!!!!
    I swear if the devils don’t get anyone good this summer it will be a long season…..