Bye Bye Brent…thanks for the almost…

Least for once a coach left on his own terms and didn’t get shitcanned right before the playoffs…. (maybe that would have been good this time eh??)

Here’s your link and since it’s on the internets it must be true right??

So once again the Devils quest for the guy behind the bench to lead the ship maybe possibly out of the first round for once???

Lots to think about here… and let’s see since I suck at news reporting and I’m better at retelling things… I should stick with it…

The good of the Brent Era:
— forechecking and attack hockey was brought to the Devils and it actually did WORK for the most… no more is this team team defense first, second, third and forth.. thank God… cause that shit don’t work no more in the NHL
— THIS TEAM WON 50 GAMES WITHOUT MB30 AS THE STARTING GOALIE… think about that.. find me another coach in this FRANCHISE’S history that can claim that

The bad of the Brent Era:
— the reversion to the chicken-shit hockey in the playoffs… and not to mention two seriously painful first round losses
— the inability to bring and develop any quality rookies on this team.. throughout the years the Devils usually add in one or two quality rookies and they contribute to the team.. this did not happen under Sutter (now is this a knock on the quality young players in the system… maybe?)
— no trips beyond the first round… so is good still not good enough when better is expected?? Or is the bar officially starting to lower in NJ?

What’s next??
— Jacques Lemaire?? Oh GOD NO… talk about a step backward…
— Peter Laviolette?? Could be … but doesn’t seem like a “Lou guy” which adds to his appeal now….
— Ted Nolan?? Again a pipe dream…
— John MacLean… seems likely, but there’s a reason he’s been passed by so many times before….

Personally I have NO clue who I wanna see coach… I hope to hell it’s not some retread or “defensive guru” guy… we were going in the right way and we MUST keep in this direction to be successful in the post-lockout NHL.

Opinions kids??


  1. Paging Kevin Constantine…. lol just kidding.. This came out yesterday:

    The Lightning’s flirtation with Jacques Lemaire has come to an end, and apparently on good terms. Tampa Bay wanted to hire the former Wild coach as a senior consultant. But Lemaire said on Monday he has told Lightning GM Brian Lawton he has another offer that has gained his interest and which he is pursuing.

  2. bring back big bird.

    they’ve done crazier things in the past. including bringing back big bird.

  3. Kevin B. says:

    Bring in the Mullet! 😛

  4. Constantine!??!!?

    That greasy goat fucker Melrose?!?!?!

    Are you guys trying to kill me before my 40th birthday?? (It’s a good start if you are :p)

    I really hope Lou goes off the board for this one, though Keenan would amuse me having MB30 on a yo-yo string to the bench!

  5. There ain’t that much out there, that’s why on the one hand this stinks. On the other hand I didn’t want Sutter back if he was going to wuss out down the stretch again.

    I’m expecting it to be Lemaire, I hope I’m wrong. But Lou’s gotten even more wedded to reliving the past in his old age, plus he may be in the mode to want a stopgap anyway since Lou and Marty aren’t both long for the hockey world.

    Then again I don’t have anyone I really want it to be. Johnny Mac, ick. Larry, I’d love the guy but it just ended too badly for him last time, let him stay as a consultant or assistant at most. Carbonneau, bleh. Laviolette is the polar opposite of Lemaire, no defense all offense. Let’s face it there are no slam dunks like Burns in ’02.

  6. Dago Red says:

    I’m sad to see Sutter leave, I think he made a lot of progress with this team despite the quick playoff exits.

    What I’ll miss most however, are his post-game press conferences where he wore a constant “what the fuck am I doing here answering silly questions from a bunch of hacks and jerkoffs like Stan Fischler?” expression on his face as he gazed off in the distance, never looking at the reporters questioning him. It was a lot of fun switching back and forth between Devs and Rangers post-game press conferences. After losses, the Ranger players would be like deer caught in a headlight – Lundquist was the best, repeating all the dumb cliches while staring vacantly with those big, sad eyes. I used to wonder why they acted like high school boys who just lost a championship. Then I figured it out: They simply hope that if they appear contrite enough, the Blue seat faithful wouldn’t boo the holy living Christ out of them at the next home game.

  7. How about we hire a coach who WANTS to be here with us, not effing his goats every offseason …. The Devils need to take a stand and prove we’re not pushovers, underachievers, etc … bring in a coach who has a good record within their first couple seasons and a big fish in FA …we need to make a splash.. if it’s Laviolette let him bring some offense, the devils as a team know defense ….

  8. Kevin B. says:

    Stevens wont want it. Lou will find someone random…. or make it himself

  9. there is literally no one that they could hire right now that i would be happy with.

  10. Barbara says:

    I think that Devils management should just talk to one of the greatest players we have ever had to take over. I am talking about none other than Scott Stevens! I cannot think of anyone who would be better!

  11. DumpZubrus says:

    Too bad he couldn’t have taken a certain Lithuanian with him (snickers).

    In all seriousness I would like Laviolette or even Ted Nolan. I also wouldn’t mind Big Bird back as head coach.

    But a big NO to Johnny Mac or Jacques Lemaire.


    His heart was never in it to win, and he was probably happy to be eliminated so he could go back north and do it doggy style so they can both watch the junior league hockey game he cares so much about. The team’s playoff collapse was gutless (last year, too), and Sutter should not have been given the courtesy of making his own decision. Epic failure is not to be rewarded.

    I sincerely hope he brings his unique blend of bland idiocy and detachment to the Flames so they can learn to loathe him as much as I do.

  13. Kristyn the Kid says:


  14. Dago Red says:

    Can’t understand why anyone would want Scott Stevens as coach of this team – he has ZERO experience (unless you count helping out at practice for his daughter’s school hockey team). No way he could step into the ranks without some seasoning, although with his epic temper it would certainly make for an interesting season.

    No one seems to want Johnny Mac, but MacLean has the coaching experience and, as a player, had the same drive to win as Stevens did (and no one on the Devs shared that day-to-day commitment. Stevens and Mac may have had bad games sometimes, but it was never for lack of effort – they were both frightening in their level of intensity game in and game out).

    I really don’t see better alternatives out there – Nolan and Melrose are out of touch with what it takes to succeed w/the new generation of players and NHL rules.

    I’d love to see Johnny Mac take the reins.

  15. Kevin B. says:

    I’m going to to miss that scowl 🙁

    I’m gald you guys dressed up the post so I could see it one more time

  16. Zubbie Counter Fan says:

    Gene Hackman.

  17. Now that he got canned, Dave Tippett wouldn’t be a bad choice…

  18. are there any pictures anywhere in existance which actually show brent sutter smiling?…just asking…

  19. I’d be happiest if it’s a coach we haven’t heard of. The NHL has an annoying habit of hiring mediocre retreads. How many times have most of the coaches in the NHL been fired? It happens more in hockey than any other sport that someone who was fired for a good reason gets hired again, sometimes by the same team.

    Whoever comes in, he needs to be able to control MB 30. I don’t care if he’s the franchise. He needs to sit for a few games and actually get some damn rest. He can’t control where the D plays. He’s a player just like everybody else, and the coach needs to have the balls to corral him.

  20. we should have never canned Julien in the first place….this is just bad karma biting us in the ass…although most might disagree with me, i feel Guy Carbonneau would be a good choice…
    His first season, The Habs were filled with injuries…The 2nd season they were # 1 in the east and made it to the second round for the first time in like what 10 years?..and this past season It wasnt his fault that The Kostitsyn brothers and Roman Hamerlick turned that locker room into a circus with their TMZ style nightlives…it wasnt his fault carey price shit the bed right after the all star break…the destruction of that habs team was bob gainey……

    Carbonneau’s record as a coach is 124-83-23…
    so id say Carbonneau Carbonneau Carbonneau!!!

  21. This is not to say that he didn’t drop the ball with Bergfors, Vrana and Greene, but Clarkson did basically get his start under Brent. I’m not counting the cup of coffee he got when they had injuries in ’07.

  22. Dago Red says:

    Why does the cup seem so heavy, by the way the Pens players seem to be struggling to hoist it?
    1) Been so long since the last Devs’ cup that there have been like 20 silver bands added to accommodate the names of the newer winners.
    2) New NHL policy of stuffing 15 lbs. of Sasketchewan Sativa in the cup’s hollow center.
    3) Pens are a bunch of pussies.

  23. okay…i will be happy with Dave Tippet.

    If the damn Devils and Lou wait again…like they wait for every substantial free agent to sign…and they do not get a good coach, I am finished with the NHL. To summarize, its either a good coach like Tippett or i’m out of here.

  24. I’ll take Haviland or Tippett

  25. As Lou seems to like former Habs coaches, Guy Carbineau is available? Also wouldn’t be a shocket to see Bobby Holik as an asst coach at some point.

  26. is the “your face here” thing of claude julien?

  27. SCREW SUTTER…hes going to the flames…that lying sack of [email protected]!T