Boys and girls, a day I never expected to come with Louie Lams in charge is, in fact, coming. I’m a little surprised that I get to type these words, but here goes:

On one day only – March 17th, 2010 – the New Jersey Devils will don their old red, white, and green jerseys for the game that night against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Yeah, you read that right. Christmas Tree jerseys on St. Patrick’s Day!

I already had this date circled on my calendar because of the glorious time had last season for the St. Patty’s home game, but now, this game is a definite must. It’s the closest the Devils have ever or possibly will ever come to donning a third jersey.

The next question, of course: Will there be red, white, and green jerseys sold in the upcoming season? That day only? Not at all?

Regardless, I think it’s safe to say St. Patrick’s Day will be a memorable day for Devils fans again this season.


  1. God, I hope they put them on sale, too.

    Pleaseeeeeeee, Uncle Lou!

  2. FYI, if they don’t put them on sale, I am stealing one from Yann Danis. I will track Yann Danis down, and mug him for his Christmas Tree Jersey. Do you hear me, Lou? I am not fucking around here.

  3. You know, I still have this weird detachment about Yann Danis. I can’t come to grips with him as our backup, and Kevin Weekes moseying along.


  4. When I read this on the Devils website (an hour ago), I thought they should do it to be festive in December but I guess St. Patrick’s Day is now a center of Devils Pride thanks to Mr. 552.

  5. Poor Weekesie…..he was indeed our homeboy and he served us well….. *sigh*

    Though only a matter of time we start making Denis Lemieux jokes based on him eh?

  6. Already started, Scott. The first thing I’m gonna ask of him if I ever meet the man is that he explain icing to me.

  7. Maybe I’m being too cynical, but I hope the team springs for the GREEN hockey pants with the white and red stripes rather than doing it the thrifty way by having the players wear their current black pants.

  8. WHOOHOO PUCKDADDY LOVES US! Thanks for the link, Wysh!

  9. Rolstoned says:

    roli in old school devils jersey! wicked!!!! not that much off the wild’s jersey colours.

  10. Any word on who’s wearing the ‘A’ this year now that Madden’s gone?

  11. man, i cant wait to throw it to this girl…..what a fuckin sweetheart she is.

  12. ZUBIES ::clap clap clapclapclap::

  13. rolstoned, cool off man. un called for



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