1. As a Met fan, I am geared up and prepared for anything bad that may happen this season. For example, If Parise got injured by tripping down the stairs, I would not be in shock. If Marty got injured by God, I still wouldnt be in shock. To conclude, if the Devils were to lose a playoof game with .2 seconds left when their is goalie interference,I will just say, “Well atleast the Mets are going to play great tis year, I mean the chances of them choking three consecutive times sounds impossible. If we dont choke, than I will be happy. What could go wrong. Woops!

  2. As a fellow Mets fan…possibly one of the best comments we’ve ever seen here.

    I’m gonna go cry in my beer again now.

  3. Glad you all are back, I was getting tired of checking the site and seeing nothing new with everything written by ‘Uncategorized’ lol.

  4. Yeah, that was pretty interesting, hah. Glad to be back, I just hope we can manage some posts beyond Scott’s rants. Not gonna lie: My life is going to suck this season.

  5. What my rants ain’t enough ??? :p

    Welcome to CRASHER Line 2.0 🙂

  6. Feel your pain, Josh. I’m writing a Master’s Thesis and working full time.

  7. My 1st post here. I have enjoyed your site after doscovering, I guess, 2 seasons ago. I agree with your post…I don’t need a season preview. With a new team here & rookies on board, I’m prepared to ride this wave/season and see where it takes us. After last years loss & the new additions this year, I’m hoping for an exciting year. Lets Go Devils.