Devils Part Ways With Shanahan, Josh Cries A Little

In the “Stunning News of the Day” catagory: The Devils have cut veteran Brendan Shanahan. Or Shanny opted not to play. Or something happened that has ended in Shanahan no longer playing with the team.

My heart, she is currently breaking.

I’m stunned, and all I can really say is this: Pikkachu better be DAMN GOOD if his presence means we’re losing Shanny.

According to the ever-awesome TG of Fire & Ice, Shanahan’s next move – catching on with another team, retirement, working within the Devils organization – is still unclear.

Now I need someone else to get a throwback-style jersey of. Dammit.


  1. I’m usually the first one to say “In Lou We Trust” but this doesn’t make sense. Several players with little to no NHL experience getting a roster spot over a proven veteran?

    I hope Lou is right.

  2. This team is going down in flames. Nothing makes sense whatsoever. They gutted a team that had the most points in team history.

    If they needed to shed old players that make too much, they should have traded Brodeur.

  3. It’s a stunner but if he didn’t work on the top 3 lines then I understand. It’s about the youth. Sure we want experience but it’s there with or without Shanny

  4. Richard,



    PS: You’re an idiot!


  6. Losing Shanny is no big deal. The Devs have plenty of strong wings. The Devs still need a second line center. When Elias is healthy, he should stay on LW. Rob Nieds is NOT the answer. 38% on Faceoffs and a minus player. Bergfors looks ready. Clarkson could be the only player with 20+goals and 10+fights. ZZPOps and the Defense are the same and should have great chemistry. A healthy Elias is going to be crucial.

  7. The proven veteran had 14 points in 34 games after a bad second half with the Rangers two years ago, I think the kids (unless we’re talking Pikk and not Bergfors or Halischuk) can manage that.

    Of course Shanny’ll be missed in the room but still a fair amount of the roster provides a vet presence – the captain, Elias, Brodeur, Pando, White, Salvador, Zubrus and others that have been around a few years like Martin, Zach/Zajac, Clarkson, etc.

  8. One weird thing I noticed about this was how different sites named the article: “NJ Devils cut winger Brendan Shanahan” “Shanahan decides not to play for Devils this season”

  9. Matt – Play nice.

    Sheeps – That’s exactly why I decided with “Devils part ways with Shanahan” 🙂

  10. “consider this a divorce!!”

    You can always take a good Arnold Line and make it stick anywhere!

    This is more a sentimental loss then an actual one…. and I guess we’re doing:
    da dat dat du dattt… BERGFORS this year…

    ah well…….

  11. Much obliged, Matt.

    Does anyone have any idea what the lines are going to be?

  12. Tentatively, they are:


    Scratch: Pandolfo, Pikkarainen


    Scratch: Greene

  13. Ah dammit Scott. I forgot all about Shanahan chant. Another reason why I hate this move.

  14. Rolstoned says:

    all good……as before when patty was out with the ‘shits’ and marty with his arm……the team will be fine.

  15. Rico Suave says:

    section 228, row 8, seat 15-19

  16. Rico – I *may* be sitting two rows in front of you (row 6, seats 16/17). We usually move into the handicap section for my one friend though. Depends on how she feels.