Thoughts from Section 209: Devils vs Penguins: 12/30/2009

Wow…. the last recap of 2009….(and sadly the end of the “REALLY??? …. in 2009???” comeback…. *sigh* we’ll miss you, but not the jean shorts that inspired them…..)….and what better way to end a decade, then a game like THIS??? Playoff crowd, semi-playoff atmosphere….playoff intensity on the ice… damn it gets ya excited for April doesn’t it??? And oh yeah.. ANOTHER SHUTOUT for those smug douche Pitt announcers to call right… ahhh it’s all good!!!!!

the Good:
— Before I start here (and yes this counts as good)… my friend Rob runs a charity hockey tournament in Woodbridge, NJ.. usually about every six months… and game 1 was today (my team won, and yes this is half the reason I am mentioning it)… and it is a good cause… so if you’re not doing anything tomorrow about 12:30… stop by… heckle… boo… cheer… just DONATE and do whatever the hell ya want… there’s a chance our little Winter Classic, may have some SNOW late in the 3rd Period has all the information…. come see me chase the all-time wins record (and try to lower the lowest GAA in the event’s history.. and pad my goalie scoring stats!)
— NO ANDREW PETERS!!! Instead of skating laps he should be made to tie jerseys down until his hands bleed!!!!! At least he admitted his own idiocy tonight!!!
— it’s funny, Jacques Lemaire bags on Nick Bergfors… and when he does, the fan base FREAKS OUT in fear that Lemaire is gonna “Brent Sutter” the kid… and well NO… there’s no exercise bikes involved, and Lemaire has the faith in his teachings to LET his rookies get REAL ICE TIME… and you know.. he like does that thing called COACHING and GETS THE MOST FROM HIS PLAYERS… and every time he bags on Bergofrs, the kid ANSWERS AND PERFORMS… so again, get off Jacques’ nuts… he shits more about hockey then you know in your little life!! (and 20 minutes of ice time, and he was awesome with Zajac and Parise)
— mb30.. holy shit were you GOOD tonight…. as the game got going more… SO DID YOU… and I bag on you… but this one was most credit worthy (and so was the slash at Rupp’s ankles!!), I just hope this playoff-like effort shows up for a long playoff run, one more time… (please… I might even use your name again!)
— ONE minor penalty taken and it was at the end of the game… that’s a good thing and discipline is HUGE when you play a team that can kill you on the pp like they can (I don’t care what their stats are I do NOT want to be the team that wakes them up and fixes them!)
— Oh Roderick Pelley… how we have a love/hate with you (and ok it’s hilarious to bag on Rob who hates him because he has Sesitito-envy)…. I was going to comment on him tonight… but our Lordship of Krang NAILED this one… so I let her speak:
Poor Pelley… i know he sucks, but he tries so hard and his heart is in the right place. AND he know how to dress himself! Zharky and Clarky have to go SOMEWHERE, and do you want Pelley and Pandolfo on the ice at the same time? hey, i say just enjoy the amusement from the line. Pelley gets a little more practice at center (and with some good players to support him), and it’s not like that’ll be a line for very long anyway! we may never see it again, in fact! (we kinda put this in the GOOD section so he doesn’t GET PIST at us and board us!)

the Bad:
— well I gotta say it… no matter how retarded good Brent Johnson was (and he WAS tonight)…. you HAVE to get more then one fluke goal past him in the game… that’s a kinda worrisome sight….
— Patrik Elias… is he hurt??? He seems slow out there…. is something else wrong?? He DID get 17 minutes tonight… but no shots and he just looked slow and kinda dead out there… something to be worried about… Elias and Rolston are gonna be needed to take the scoring pressure off the top line when the big Silver Cup Tournament begins in April….
— the power play stunk and ANOTHER 5 on 3 was wasted (you know the league knows your pp sucks when they put Cyndy Crosby in the damn box to put you up 5 on 3 and let the Golden Brat cry in the box for 2:00)
— *sigh* Clarkson got hurt again dammit…..Devils right wing David Clarkson reinjured his fractured right leg in tonight’s 2-0 over Pittsburgh and did not accompany the team to Chicago for Thursday’s game, a source said. Instead, Clarkson is to have his leg examined again by team doctors Thursday in New Jersey. Tonight’s game was just his second game back after missing 13 contests with a fractured right fibula. He was injured initially when he blocked a shot by Boston’s Zdeno Chara on Nov. 27.

the Funny:
— Well I had a unique group with me tonight… her Lordship as she does for all Wednesday Games….. Returning again “cover your eyes so Bergfors and Parise can score” aka Tasha (and man it was fun to yell all game long… GO TO THE BATHROOM, we need a Bergfors goal… yes I know he scored tonight… but someone was stuck on the escalator and never saw the puck hit the net… hell I had the row behind her cheering for it :)… and my 3rd… one of the people who’s known me the longest…holy shit was there in 1995 when the old CRASHER Line took off…. yeup… ex-fiancee #2 (and to be honest each and every one of you over her a debt of gratitude for getting me the HELL away from the first one :p)… and again she deserves credit…for an opposing team fan she got NO SHIT from the section….I guess a little coach purse incident kinda squashed that…..but still it’s kinda odd to hear the Beyonce song “single girls”… when you’re sitting with a girl you DID put a ring on it with :p
— Now for a little facebook, stream of conscious conversation……
** Me: Clarkaround sighting!!!
** Kristyn Holleran: how many times has the Clarkaround actually worked lol
** Me: How many goals does Clarkson have? Divide by two for toe-drags!
** Kristyn Holleran: i really dislike mike rupp
** Me: I like rupp, now that he’s in the other jersey!
** Chris McCabe: I like Rupp simply because he can score a hat trick against the Rangers….
** Kristyn Holleran: i’m just bitter than he was useless with us and is now 4th in the NHLfor shot % lol
** Me: Playing with 87 and 71 will do that :p
** Barry Meikle: Of course by useless you mean, scored the 2003 Cup winning goal. Good enough for me.
** Me: Dude if ya wanna be a one game wonder
THAT was the game of choice!
— and I’d be a fool to leave out Pete serenading Clutch to some creepy kinda love song (and even his voice failed him in the try), and not to mention the near-riot cause Pete stepped on a $900 coach-bag (allegedly)… one thing I learned this year… if you’re dumb and whipped enough to buy a girl THAT kinda stupid expensive gift… well then you better be all ready to pump yer fist and go all Guido Beach to defend that bag (really, you coulda had season tickets for THAT much)… but really… treat it like an autographed jersey of your favorite player… DON’T bring it to the hockey game… really, you’re just asking for some idiot to spill beer on it (and then you get stuck in the middle of the fight… and oi vey… whatta mess!!)

Man it was a good, but scattered night… and one more time… CLOSE YOUR EYES TASHA WE NEED A GOAL!!! (some people are just NOT team players I tell ya :p)… fun times… fun times… Everyone have a GREAT and smart New Year!! Back at you with a month in Review probably on Saturday!!!!


  1. Peter’s always getting into trouble … I don’t think there was a riot about to ensue, just a couple of pissed off people (with whom he told to relax – THAT woulda caused a riot if he kept it up). Did I meet THE lil nicky tonight? Cute kid … and I think the n00bs of 209 tonight were “loving” Pete .. ::shaking head ::

    00:00:18 + plenty of healthy scratches = Devils doghouse for Mr. Peters, uhhh idiot. Sucks about Clarkson.

    For some reason, the Elias thing is bothering me because he’s been this way ever since he walked out and didn’t talk to the media, I don’t get it – sweedish pride gor hurt? Wasn’t his first go around with Lamare not so good either?

  2. I actually really thought the whole coach purse drama stuff was hilarity, but that was just me…. Pete was kinda distracted tonight…but it’s so different and no other section in sports has a guy like Pete… the noobies always love it… it is quite a sight!

    Least Peters admitted his fail… I hope it’s just a blip with Clarkson….

    The Elias thing worries me because he’ll be dumb and play in the damn Olympics too and make whatever it is worse….

    It is amazing that not only does this team have injuries up the yang, but Elias, Rolston and Langs are playing like dung and they only lost three games in the month…it’s quite impressive!

  3. I’m surprised the last 1:30 of regulation didn’t make your “Good” list. The Pens managed 1 shot on goal on a power play with an empty net and all their stars on the ice. The rebound was sitting in front of Brodeur and somehow the Devs managed to outman the Pens down low and clear the puck. They also blocked 3 or 4 shots from the perimeter and Langs scored an empty netter (which is always impossible for him when he’s outside the faceoff dots.

    Fun stats:
    1) The Devs are 20-0 when leading after 2 periods.
    2) Even better, they’re 13-0 when leading after the first.

    This is the team that has had trouble keeping their leads in the final minutes of regulation in previous years with a coach who shall not be named who is now coaching a team that appears to be middle of the pack even with 5 all-stars.

  4. I wholly expected Langs to miss the empty netter, even from point-blank :p

    that intensity of the last 1:30 was there all day long…I only wish I could have heard that ballbag on the Pens crying and pleading for the shutout to fail :p

    better stat… goals scored by Penguins in 4 games…. TWO!

  5. hahaha, I was totally thinking about Patrik Stefan as Langs went in on the empty net. 😀

    Awesome night at the Rock. 🙂 And I’m not worried about Elias. He and Rolston will get hot again by the time Pajfors hits another rut (if they hit one). Hopefully by April our top two lines go on a roll at the same time, or at least that any slumps will be really short.

  6. I expected Jamie to miss the empty-netter since he missed the empty net shot from the blue line two games ago hahah but he at least skated this one in where he couldn’t shoot two feet wide.

  7. I really wish I could get a stat on how many empty nets Jamie has missed. He’s gotta have at most a .1 spct.

  8. I love him but his empty net skill is kind of non existent lol

  9. I almost suffocated. Langenbrunner + empty net + man offsides + hat trick attempt + carrying the puck to the top of the crease = potential disaster.

    My heart is still pounding.