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Fehr’s the Problem

Blame Donald Fehr.

Sure, the owners were the ones responsible for the lockout, but the NHLPA’s head honcho seems to be the one prolonging it.

It’s something Fehr has done in baseball for years and now he’s doing it to hockey.  There are no Super Bowl gambling picks as secure as that one.

As the head of the Baseball Players Association, Fehr oversaw strikes or lockouts in 1985, 1989 and cancellation of the World Series in 1995.

Only a blockade of players led by Tom Glavine in 2002, prevented another work stoppage.

And look at what happened in 2010 or what didn’t happen, Fehr was gone and baseball didn’t even come close to a work stoppage.

So now he haunts hockey. It looks like last week there could have been a deal struck, but Fehr wanted to get his hand in on it, even he said they were close.

“We think we’re either done on the dollars or very close to it with the exception of one issue called transition that we haven’t even discussed yet. It seemed to me that we ought to be able to move forward and try and finish it off,” Fehr told news reporters in Toronto. “So far, at least, they haven’t indicated a willingness to continue discussions.”

But when the owners wanted to finish it off without Fehr, that’s when negotiations broke off.

If we want hockey this season, something has to break but it seems like the players may have to get rid of Fehr before a deal can happen.

In the meantime visit to pass the time until hockey returns.