Playoff Hockey = Raffi Torres Being an Idiot

Here we go again. Stop me if you heard this one because it’s a familiar story that I am getting tired of reading about. The NHL will be having a disciplinary hearing with Raffi Torres.

Seriously?? Again!!!

In case you missed it, As LA Kings Forward Jarret Stoll is playing the puck, Torres decides to put a hit on Stoll. That hit, that decision was Torres impacting Stoll in the side of his head and shoulder simultaneously.

So is it a dirty hit? Well, if I look back to the last round of the playoffs and the NHL decided that the Eric Gryba hit on Lars Eller was illegal, then this one has to be as well. I’d say 4 or 5 games for Raffi Torres because he’s a repeat offender. I’m just tired of it. What’s this, the third year in a row that Torres is making a questionable hit in the playoffs? Seabrook in 11, Hossa in 12 and now Stoll in 13? At what point do they just tell this clown to go away? Is the hit 100% dirty? No, it isn’t but Stoll was in a vulnerable position and Torres took advantage of it once again and makes contact with the head. He doesn’t learn from his past. He said he had learned when trying to get a reduction in his suspension for the hit on Hossa last year but clearly he doesn’t get it.

Jarret Stoll didn’t return for the third period due to “upper body issues” which is a playoff hockey term for “hurt my brain.”


  1. Eh, I agree with Dano — it was a legal hit. Torres has a reputation, which I think you factor in if it’s a dirty hit, but I don’t know that the hit should have even drawn a penalty. It sucks that Stoll got hurt, but we’re only having this conversation because of Torres’ past. You can’t tell physical players not to hit because somebody might get hurt, he didn’t leave his feet, and the hit was on time. Stoll needs to keep his head up when he’s playing the puck. If you’re gonna fault Torres for Stoll’s stupidity, then you have to do the same thing to Stevens for the Kariya and Lindros hits. I know the game has changed, but all three hits were within the rules, regardless of the consequences.

  2. Still not sure the Torres hit was within the rules but maybe you’re right, maybe I only see his reputation at this point. Also, one of the points I was trying to make was that if Gryba’s hit on Eller was deemed illegal and worthy of suspension, than this one HAS to be as well.