In Case You Didn’t Tune In: Rangers v Bruins – Game 1



Sometimes when you have kids that have their own sports activities, you don’t get to sit down and watch as many playoff hockey games as you would like but for Game 1 of the Rangers and Bruins, the kids were in bed, the wife was at a friend’s house putting the final touches on a school fair she’s helped organize, so that meant it was me, the TV and some playoff hockey.

This is the one series that I am just so unsure about. For this series, I expect low scoring games, huge hitting and grinding it out in the corners. Both the Rangers and Bruins play similar hockey so it should be a very entertaining series and one that expect to go long. Besides, its the Rangers, win or lose they don’t seem to know how to do that very quickly.

    • I can’t help but look at Jagr and get a little sad. He was once a dominate player and now, he just looks old and slow. This isn’t new. I thought the same thing last year in Round 2 against the Devils. He was ineffective and didn’t really add much to the team but he won’t hang them up yet. In the third, he looked to be taking long shifts for some reason which resulted in him getting completely gassed. At one point the camera caught him on the bench and there is Jagr with his grey beard, huffing and puffing and I swear you could hear him saying “I’m just too old for this shit!” Pierre had mentioned at one point he was nothing more than a 15-20 second shift player at the moment. How exactly does 15-20 seconds benefit anyone?


    •  In regulation you could just feel that Marchand was going to do something. He was great with the puck and seemed to be moving his legs all night long. He had failed to find the back of the net in the entire series against Toronto but you could just see it in his eyes that this series was going to be different. He made a nice move against the Rangers D at one point and then tried to do his best Bobby Orr impression. Sadly, the puck wasn’t close to finding twine but an A for effort none the less. (Hey, that one play is more than Brad Richards has done in all of May.) All this and apparently there was a report that he would play in game 1 despite an injury. He’s injured??


    • While Marchand looks good, Seguin looks worse than Jagr is that’s possible. I’m not really sure what he’s doing out there. On the McDonagh goal, he barely got wood on the puck and fluttered the puck to McDonagh and then seemed to get in the way of the shot. There were many more times throughout the game that I thought Seguin looked awful. Maybe healthy scratch time? Since Bruins won Game 1 I am guessing not but if Boston gets down in the series, I’d consider it.


    • Del Zotto, good for him for taking a puck to the head and coming back but then you’re going to push a guy into your goaltender while he’s in a vulnerable position? You sure your brain is ok? I think the last thing you want to do is push someone on top of Lundqvist. Then at the end of regulations, after Boychuk rang one off the pipe, you could see Lundqvist had a few words for Del Zotto since he was the guy defending Boychuk’s shot.


    • At times the Rangers D looks great and then they get caught standing around watching which almost killed them a few times. The Krecji off the crossbar shot comes to mind. The OT goal by Marchand was kind of pathetic. McDonagh got caught way up and Zuccarello didn’t do a good job filling in for him and then Stralman gave a weak attempt at trying to block the pass from Bergeron. So I guess in the end, their D did kill them.


    • Bruins 4th Line is so crucial in this series. It’s what made NJ successful against NY in the 2012 ECF and could be the difference in this one. I thought they did a decent job out there in this game and don’t think the Rangers 4th line can match. Of course I still think the Bruins can’t afford the Seguin, Bergeron and Marchand line to be as unproductive as they were in Round 1.


    • We know Lundqvist is the stud in this series but Rask is going to have to match him. At times, he was downright scary with some of his miscues. The Bruins score to make the game 1-0 and what seemed like a minute later Rask is scrambling back to his net after coming out to play the puck. Lucky for Rask, unlucky for the Rangers, New York missed a pretty wide open net.


      • Lundqvist is going to have to be better. He’s not playing like I would expect. I mean normally don’t expect to see him let pucks slip through but the Chara shot slipped through and even the Krug goal was one he normally stops. He was so lights out vs Washington in Games 6 & 7 so this was a little surprising to see. I’ll give him a pass on the OT goal since he had to go pipe to pipe in order to stop it and Stralman should have done a better job blocking the pass.


      • I don’t get the Rangers at all. Brad Richards is just down right terrible. 12:57 of ice time in a game that had close to 76 minutes of playing time and he only had 1 shot. He’s making 6.667 million dollars to basically ride the bench? Derek Brassard makes half that and is far more effective on the ice. Unless Richards has a sudden turn around and starts looking like a hockey player, if the Rangers don’t buy him out this summer, Sather will once again get the word stupid written on his forehead in my book. (it was removed when he seem to add what he traded away for Nash at the deadline.) Speaking of Nash, he’s a bust so far. You brought him to NY to win games like this one and he didn’t do much out there.


    • Bruins offense not really that impressive. Krecji and Marchand were definitely the best ones out there. Even Bergeron had good moments but if you’re going to win 3 more against the Rangers, the offense HAS to do better. Same could be said about the Rangers offense. I’d say that Boyle in the face-off circle was probably the best thing the Rangers had going all night.


    • Girardi gets the award for gutsiest play of the night by taking Seguin’s clean shot right at the end of the first right to the stomach. Not exactly what they teach in shot blocking class but it got the job done.


    • Awesome ending to regulation. I think Boychuk’s shot would have counted because I think it was 0.1 on the clock when he rang it off the pipe. Could you imagine if that went in? The amount of chaos that would have taken over the ice would have been comical. I thought NY came out flat in the OT period and never really showed up.


    • Dating back to last year’s “Henrique….IT’s OVER!!!” goal, the Rangers are now 0-4 in their last 4 playoff OT’s. They just might want to avoid going to OT. On the flipside, Boston has won their last 3 games in these playoffs by going to OT.