No Update Needed.

To answer the burning question, YES — we’re still alive. Despite losing a pie-eating contest to my girlfriends brother, (Seriously, who eats NINE pieces of pie and still LOSES?!) I’m still able to sit and rant about my team.

That being said, as hockey fans we’re all used to watching our teams throw up the occasional stinker — much like the Devils did the other night in Pittsburgh. As bloggers, it’s typically our duty to go running through our cluttered ten-by-ten apartments — dodging landmines of empty pizza boxes and chinese take-out along the way — and rip our boys a brand new shiny one for doing so.

In other cases, our readers take care of it for us. Please see exhibit 1-A:

(In response to our Thanksgiving Day graphic)

Thanks for taking the words right out of our mouths, Rick. Next time the boys throw up a smelly one like that again, I’ll be sure to make you your very own 2MA graphic.

Now… how to kill the next couple of days before we meet up with the Flyers?